Vacant Lots

On September 11, 2018, the Rosemead City Council adopted Ordinance No. 982. The purpose of this Ordinance is to regulate vacant lots in the City in order to protect residential and commercial areas from becoming blighted due to the lack of adequate maintenance and security, and to establish minimum standards of accountability on the responsible parties of vacant lot in order to protect the health, welfare, and safety of the community.


All vacant lots must comply within sixty (60) days after the City provides notice alerting the responsible party or operator of the requirements of the vacant lot ordinance. The responsible party or operator is deemed to have been provided notice five days after such notice be mailed by first class and certified mail to the owner(s) shown on the last assessment roll of the county. The failure of any person to receive this notice does not affect the validity of any proceedings under the vacant lot ordinance.  A thirty-day time extension may be granted by the Community Development Director for good cause as determined by the Community Development Director.

The responsible party shall complete and submit a vacant lot registration application in addition to a landscape and irrigation and fence plan, along with the appropriate City fees, to the Community Development Department for review and approval within sixty (60) days after the lot becomes vacant.

Although we make every effort to mail registration information to potential property owners, it is ultimately the owners’ responsibility to register each property.


Unimproved Vacant Lots 

Unimproved vacant lots shall be improved with a minimum ten-foot wide landscaping area and a four-foot high white rail fence with anti-graffiti coating (if feasible). Landscaped areas must be planted with natural, drought-tolerant vegetation consisting of a combination of trees, shrubs, and groundcover, subject to approval of the Community Development Department. Such landscape materials must maintain a minimum height of two feet.

Improved Vacant Lots

Vacant lots improved with existing on-site buildings or structures that are vacant, abandoned, or unoccupied for more than thirty (30) days, as determined by the Community Development Director, must be improved and maintained at all times in the same manner as set forth in the "Unimproved Vacant Lots" subsection of this section, however, the Community Development Director may modify the landscaping requirements if the landscaping requirements are deemed unnecessary or unsuitable for an improved vacant lot.

Please refer to Chapter 8.48 - Vacant Lots for  detailed information.


Vacant Lot Registration Application $60


Below are before and after photos of vacant lots that are in compliance.

Mission - Before.jpg  Mission - After.jpg


Valley and TC - Before.jpg  Valley and TC - After.jpg

8002 Garvey - Before.jpg  8002 Garvey - After.jpg

 For more information, please contact the Planning Division at (626)569-2140.