Operational Identification

The department offers a program called “Operation Identification.” This safety program invites residents to bring their valuables to be engraved for identification purposes to the Rosemead Public Safety Center located at 8301 Garvey Avenue.

By engraving valuables with identification markings, residents can easily identify valuables should they become lost or stolen.

Residents who are physically challenged or homebound and are unable to bring in their valuables may contact the Public Safety Department to make an appointment for staff to conduct an in-home visit to have their valuables engraved.


You may want to consider engraving cameras, video cameras, lawn equipment, tools, speakers, bicycles, sports equipment, televisions and electronics, as a few suggestions. Another way to inventory your valuables is by making a videotape and/or by taking photos of such items.

The program is part of the Public Safety's continued efforts to improve the community's public safety. For more information, please contact Mandy Wong, Public Safety Supervisor, by calling (626) 569-2292 or e-mailing [email protected].