Become a Contract Instructor

Contract Instructor

The City of Rosemead's Department of Parks and Recreation is always looking to offer fun and exciting classes to the community. Classes and programs are provided for people of all ages from youth to adults. If you would like to teach a new class, please submit a Class Contract Instructor Proposal. For details, please see below.


If you are looking to submit an idea for a class, please submit a Contract Class Instructor Proposal which can be found in the Contract Instructor Handbook along with instructions on completing the form. The proposal must be turned into the Parks and Recreation Department at the Rosemead Community Center (3936 North Muscatel) or the Garvey Community Center (9108 Garvey Avenue). Proposals are accepted year-round. 


If the proposal is accepted, the requirements below must be met. For additional details on the requirements, please see the Contract Instructor Handbook.

  • Completed Class Contract Instructor Proposal
  • Signed Agreement for Instructor Services Contract
  • Fingerprinting
  • W-9 Form 
  • General Liability Insurance (optional, please see Instructor Handbook for recommendations)
  • Tuberculosis Testing (If working with children)

All Contract Instructors set their own class fees. The recreation staff can provide assistance on current market conditions to assist potential instructors and determine a reasonable participant fee structure. Instructors are paid at a rate of 70 percent of total registration fees. The City retains a portion of the class fees to cover its operating costs. The 70 percent does not include the $5.00 administrative fee for non-residents. Payments are made to the instructors at the conclusion of each class session.

For additional questions, please contact the Parks and Recreation Department at (626) 569-2160.