Before You Sign That Lease

For all businesses that will be located within the City of Rosemead, please read the following carefully:

Signing a lease does not guarantee that you will be able to operate your business in that location. Signing a lease for an office space may create financial difficulties for you if:

  • The zoning is not appropriate for your type of business
  • Existing Improvements made to the property were not approved by the City of Rosemead
  • Improvements necessary for you to conduct your business are not allowed for that location
  • Parking for that location is adequate for your business (it may appear that there is plenty of unused parking but the uses of all businesses in the same center are counted and a formula based on business type is used to determine parking adequacy)

Ensure the location you would like to conduct your business is adequately zoned for your type of business. Check with a member of the City of Rosemead Planning Division, in the Community Development Department before you sign a lease.

Review the contents of this page for additional information regarding licensing for your type of business to ensure you have all the necessary licensing from other government agencies.