Council Member - Sandra Armenta

Sandra ArmentaSandra Armenta has been involved in the community for many years through youth groups and community-based activities prior to being elected to the City Council in March 2009. Sandra was instrumental in developing the Public Safety CONNECTIONS Forum and the Beautification Committee. CONNECTIONS is comprised of community organizations and community leaders who are working together to prevent and combat crime, especially with youth. The Beautification Committee's mission is to make Rosemead a better, more beautiful place to live, work, and shop; to encourage and instill a stronger sense of community pride by our residents and businesses; and to maintain and increase property values, and attract positive development. Sandra serves as the President for the California Contract Cities Association. Sandra also serves as the city's delegate to various boards.

As a former Special Education Teacher, she worked with parents who were unaware of the resources and programs available to them or who were not receiving adequate support from program providers. As a result, Sandra dedicated herself to work with her students' families to make them more aware of their rights and available resources. This experience, in part, proved a catalyst for her becoming a City Council candidate.

As a Council Member, her goal is to encourage and empower residents to voice their concerns, particularly for those residents who have had little or no involvement in local government. Participation is vital to the success of Democracy, and an understanding of the principles and practices that govern a community will encourage civic engagement. Sandra strives to ensure that residents are informed about issues and are knowledgeable about the policy-making process for the City Council. She strongly believes in two-way communication, and wants residents to play a prominent role in the process. Sandra feels that there is no issue too small or too big for constituents. Sandra believes that City Council and City staff must be accessible to the residents of the community they serve. She believes that City staff is here to assist residents with their concerns and she encourages residents to meet with Department Directors and other members of the Executive Team to discuss their issues.

Further, Sandra has always had a passion for youth, and the breadth of her professional experiences have proven it. She is a strong advocate for youth programs and services, and will strive to ensure quality, variety, and accessibility. For 10 years, Sandra worked in various roles for the Parks and Recreation Department and she understands the benefits the programs within that department provides. She works to ensure that others receive similar benefits.

Sandra received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies. She also attended Cal Poly, Pomona, where she was a member of the Sigma Kappa Sorority.

Sandra has been a teacher since 1996 and began specializing in Special Education in 2000. She taught for the Garvey School District in a Special Day Class from 2004-2009 and now teaches as a substitute in long term assignments with the same school district. She especially enjoys working with 6th - 8th grade students and helping them excel in subjects by using different strategies.

Sandra has been a resident of Rosemead for 39 years. She attended Savannah Elementary School, Muscatel Middle School, and graduated from Rosemead High School. Her father Jesus and her sister Nancy, who is an administrator for Los Angeles County DCFS and a Rosemead School District Board Trustee, also live in Rosemead. You may contact her by calling her at (626) 676-3965 or send her an e-mail at [email protected].