Legislative Affairs


Throughout the year, the United States Congress and State Legislature propose and enact legislation, some of which affects local municipal government. The City of Rosemead recognizes the need for active legislative engagement at the local, state, and federal levels to enhance the interests of Rosemead’s residents and businesses. City officials maintain close relationships with Rosemead’s state and federal representatives.

There are times when it is in the City’s interest to take a position on proposed legislation. Our City Council follows our City’s Legislative Platform Policy for legislative protocols and processes.

Priorities and Process

The City Council adopts an annual Legislative Platform, which serves as the foundation for the City’s advocacy strategy. The City actively monitors state and federal legislation and takes appropriate action, when required, to protect the City’s interest and local legislative authority. The City’s legislative advocacy primary priority areas include:

  1. General Administration;
  2. Fiscal Responsibility;
  3. Economic Development;
  4. Planning, Housing, and Land Use;
  5. Public Safety;
  6. Beautification and Infrastructure; and,
  7. Parks and Recreation.

Please click here to view the City’s Legislative Platform. If you have any questions, please contact Management Analyst Jennifer Pineda at (626) 569-2102 or email jpineda@cityofrosemead.org.

2022 State & Federal Legislative Platform